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Complete dedication and integrity to clients is the cornerstone of our practice. Sincerely care about your client and the right result will follow.”

-Charles S. Gucciardo

Charles Gucciardo, Attorney at Lawe






The defense attorneys and insurance companies consider the law firm and the attorney when evaluating your claim. Year after year, Charles Gucciardo has proven to be one of the top trial lawyers in New York. His impeccable courtroom record is well-known to our adversaries. They know us as zealous advocates who are always prepared to try the case to verdict if they will not settle for what the claim is legitimately worth.Whether you were injured in an auto collision or motorcycle accident, seriously hurt in construction work or harmed by medical negligence, our skilled and tenacious attorneys will keep working until we achieve the maximum recovery possible. We serve clients in every borough of New York City and across Long Island, with our office conveniently located in Mineola just two blocks away from the LIRR.







You deserve to be treated with respect and compensated fully for your injuries

Our legal team is here to help you and your family in your time of need. Your case will receive our full attention and full resources, and you will benefit from our years of experience. We believe that developing close relationships with clients as the legal process unfolds builds trust and ultimately builds the strongest legal case.

We are relentlessly committed to our clients as if they were members of our own family. You can turn to us for guidance and honest answers, and for strategic and aggressive pursuit of your rightful compensation. Our personal injury attorneys pursue all cases with the same vim and vigor, as reflected in our long list of multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements.



Charles S. Gucciardo has obtained a $20 million dollar verdict versus Nassau County for a serious back injury caused by a faulty door in the Nassau County courthouse!


Motor vehicle accident involving 29-year-old pedestrian struck by a school bus


Personal injury case involving a rear-end car accident requiring neck surgery


Medical malpractice case involving hospital failure to diagnose brain bleed resulting in severe brain damage


Personal injury case involving motor vehicle accident in which an 18-wheeler ran over the legs of a pedestrian resulting in degloving injury


Personal injury case involving a New York State Trooper’s vehicle struck by drunk driver resulting in an inability to continue work as a Trooper


Personal injury case involving the tragic wrongful death of a 25-year-old from carbon monoxide poisoning


Medical malpractice case involving the failure to diagnose colon cancer resulting in wrongful death


Employment discrimination and wrongful termination case


Medical Malpractice case


Medical malpractice case involving Laboratory Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer resulting in death


Medical Malpractice case involving the failure to diagnose progressive multi-focal leukoencephalopathy (PML) in the course of long time administration of Tysabri to treat multiple sclerosis
This settlement was $600,000 above the available insurance policy


Medical malpractice case involving failure to diagnose colon cancer resulting in delayed treatment and loss of opportunity for remission


LoPresto/Jansen v. A&R Pipeline, et al
Church group involved in automobile accident in Kansas


Curry/Watson v. Jubbar, et al
Negligent crossing guard causes 5-year-old to be struck at intersection


Toscano v. LoBrasco & Son Inc., et al
Faulty mechanism resulted in loss of eye


Klein v. South Shore Cosmetic Surgeons, PC
Breast augmentation risks not disclosed


Obara v. The State of New York
Fall from bridge scaffold


Client struck in head by falling debris


Moricky v. Beth Israel Medical Center
Paraplegic after spine surgery


Estivo v. Verizon, et al
Negligent lane closure results in auto accident


Doctors’ failure to treat finger led to subsequent injuries


Daley v. Katz, et al
Failure to recognize leak after bowel resection leads to fistula


Campana v. Weiss, et al
Misdiagnosis of an infection during pregnancy


Pace/White v. Gasparrini
Herniated disks and scarring from auto accident


Alexander v. Kurtzberg
Auto accident resulting in surgeries


Merchant v. Long Beach Memorial Hospital
Failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism, resulting in death


Hibbert v. NYCHHC
Undiagnosed hydrocephalus, delay in shunt


Cervini v. Louannou
Scaffold collapsed


Fitzpatrick v. One Source, Inc., et al
Knee injury following fall when no warning signs posted after floor waxing


Davis V. Cohen and North Shore Internal Medicine
Doctor allowed metastasis of lung cancer


Murphy v. Huntington Hospital
Failure to diagnose aortic aneurysm, resulting in death


Brull/Cziment v. NYCHHC
Failure to diagnose DVT (deep vein thrombosis)


Walpole v. Campbell, et al
Medical negligence


Jordan v. Donat, et al
Herniated disks following chain reaction auto accident


Martucci v. Suffolk Obstetrics, et al
Colon perforation during surgery


Ficke v. Asher D. Rabinowitz, M.D. and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Failure to diagnose desmoplastic melanoma resulting in metastatic lung cancer


Kinney v. Dr. David Doe and Dr. Robert Roe
Kyphosis resulting from infection following discectomy and laminectomy surgeries


Nani v. EW Howell, et all
Fall from faulty ladder


Failure to diagnose appendicitis resulting in burst appendix and sepsis


Brull v. New York Methodist Hospital
Misdiagnosis of breast cancer


Daniele v. Neil B. Kirschen, M.D., Winthrop University Hospital, Linda W. Roberts, PRAC
Failure to diagnose spinal abscess resulting in permanent weakness to extremities


Newman v. Kappel, et al
Cancer misdiagnosis


Sugamele v. Frendo, et al
Death during back surgery


“Jane Doe” v. “Dr. Roe,” et al
Medical negligence


Valentin v. NYCHHC
Hospital failed to recognize post-operative bleed


Shoyket v. Victory Memorial Hospital, et al
Two hospitals liable in faulty diagnosis


Slaughter v. Carter, et al
Death from medical negligence in treating diabetes


Kirk v. Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc.
Falling doorframe injured shoulder


Godosis v. Cal-Tran Associates, et al
Bridge falls on client while driving vehicle


“Jane Doe” v. “Roe Home Health Care”
Improper monitoring of child allowed child to suffer hypoxia

Catastrophic Injuries

Our firm is equipped for life-changing cases such as traumatic brain injury or a paralyzing spinal cord injury. We diligently detail the lifelong care needs and economic impact on victims and their families.

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