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“Jane Doe” v. “Dr. Roe,” et al
Medical negligence
Amount of Settlement: $18,000,000

Curry/Watson v. Jubbar, et al
Negligent crossing guard causes 5-year-old to be struck at intersection
Amount of Settlement: $16,600,000

Campana v. Weiss, et al
Misdiagnosis of an infection during pregnancy
Amount of Verdict: $9,200,000

Shoyket v. Victory Memorial Hospital, et al
Two hospitals liable in faulty diagnosis
Amount of Verdict: $7,400,000

Medical malpractice case involving hospital failure to diagnose brain bleed resulting in severe brain damage
Amount of Verdict: $6,000,000 

Davignon v. Saks & Co., et al
Fall from scaffold: fractured arm
Amount of Settlement: $4,950,000

Client struck in head by falling debris
Amount of Verdict: $4,500,000

Godosis v. Cal-Tran Associates, et al
Bridge falls on client while driving vehicle
Amount of Settlement: $3,875,000

Ficke v. Asher D. Rabinowitz, M.D. and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Failure to diagnose desmoplastic melanoma resulting in metastatic lung cancer
Amount of Settlement: $3,706,000

Slaughter v. Carter, et al
Death from medical negligence in treating diabetes
Amount of Settlement: $3,500,000

Valentin v. NYCHHC
Hospital failed to recognize post-operative bleed
Amount of Settlement: $3,500,000

Estivo v. Verizon, et al
Negligent lane closure results in auto accident
Amount of Settlement: $3,160,000

Sugamele v. Frendo, et al
Death during back surgery
Amount of Settlement: $3,025,000

Newman v. Kappel, et al
Cancer misdiagnosis
Amount of Settlement: $3,020,000

Daniele v. Neil B. Kirschen, M.D., Winthrop University Hospital, Linda W. Roberts, PRAC
Failure to diagnose spinal abscess resulting in permanent weakness to extremities
Amount of Settlement: $2,700,000

Davis V. Cohen and North Shore Internal Medicine
Doctor allowed metastasis of lung cancer
Amount of Settlement: $ 2,500,000

Buitron v. Dr. Richard Roe, Dr. Denise Doe and unnamed hospital
Failure to diagnose appendicitis resulting in burst appendix and sepsis
Amount of Settlement: $2,450,000

Nani v. EW Howell, et all
Fall from faulty ladder
Amount of Settlement: $2,400,000

Kinney v. Dr. David Doe and Dr. Robert Roe
Kyphosis resulting from infection following discectomy and laminectomy surgeries
Amount of Settlement: $2,250,000

Martucci v. Suffolk Obstetrics, et al
Colon perforation during surgery
Amount of Settlement: $2,000,000

Jordan v. Donat, et al
Herniated disks following chain reaction auto accident
Amount of Verdict: $1,728,000

Walpole v. Campbell, et al
Medical negligence
Amount of Settlement: $1,700,000

Brull/Cziment v. NYCHHC
Failure to diagnose DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
Amount of Verdict: $1,687,000

Murphy v. Huntington Hospital
Failure to diagnose aortic aneurysm, resulting in death
Amount of Settlement: $1,675,000

Fitzpatrick v. One Source, Inc., et al
Knee injury following fall when no warning signs posted after floor waxing
Amount of Settlement: $1,650,000

Brull v. New York Methodist Hospital
Misdiagnosis of breast cancer
Amount of Verdict: $1,650,000

Cervini v. Louannou
Scaffold collapsed
Amount of Settlement: $1,586,000

Hibbert v. NYCHHC
Undiagnosed hydrocephalus, delay in shunt
Amount of Settlement: $1,490,000

Merchant v. Long Beach Memorial Hospital
Failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism, resulting in death
Amount of Settlement: $1,300,000

Alexander v. Kurtzberg
Auto accident resulting in surgeries
Amount of Settlement: $1,275,000

“Jane Doe” v. “Roe Home Health Care”
Improper monitoring of child allowed child to suffer hypoxia
Amount of Settlement: $1,275,000

Pace/White v. Gasparrini
Herniated disks and scarring from auto accident
Amount of Verdict: $1,250,000

Daley v. Katz, et al
Failure to recognize leak after bowel resection leads to fistula
Amount of Settlement: $1,250,000

Beck v. Doctors Immediate Care
Doctors’ failure to treat finger led to subsequent injuries
Amount of Settlement: $1,200,000

Moricky v. Beth Israel Medical Center
Paraplegic after spine surgery
Amount of Settlement: $1,200,000

Obara v. The State of New York
Fall from bridge scaffold
Amount of Settlement: $1,200,000

LoPresto/Jansen v. A&R Pipeline, et al
Church group involved in automobile accident in Kansas
Amount of Settlement: $1,125,000

Klein v. South Shore Cosmetic Surgeons, PC
Breast augmentation risks not disclosed
Amount of Verdict: $1,100,000

Kirk v. Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc.
Falling doorframe injured shoulder
Amount of Verdict: $1,100,000

Toscano v. LoBrasco & Son Inc., et al
Faulty mechanism resulted in loss of eye
Amount of Verdict: $1,000,000

Fine v. Sabatino
Auto accident and malpractice caused an elderly man’s death
Amount of Settlement: $950,000

Sautner v. Spiegel Trucking, et al
Tractor-trailer pinned delivery person to truck
Amount of Verdict: $950,000

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