Birth Injuries


If you lost your baby or if your baby was born with disabilities or injuries, you have our sincere sympathies. We know it will ultimately require enormous amounts of money to care for a child with special needs, perhaps into adult life. If you suspect that the doctors or nurses are at fault, you have our full resources and commitment, and our promise that we will do everything possible to prove your claim. The Gucciardo Law Firm has successfully prosecuted lawsuits for medical malpractice in cases of birth injuries and infant deaths. Serving New York City and Long Island, we advocate for parents and the rights of their newborns. Our attorneys have the experience to hold physicians and hospitals accountable for not only the costs of raising a child with special needs but also money to compensate the plaintiffs for the pain and suffering anticipated during infancy, childhood, and adulthood. We have a strong record of results in and out of court, and we are devoted to maximum compensation for unforgivable and irreversible mistakes.

“The medical malpractice insurance companies know which lawyers will go to trial and actually take verdicts. They consider a person’s choice of lawyer when negotiating. Once this process is complete, the child cannot return to court to claim further awards. Everything must be taken care of adequately the first time around.” ∼ Charles Gucciardo

Cerebral Palsy And Nerve Damage

Many birth injury cases result in these two categories of harm to the infant:

  • Cerebral palsy — Brain damage affecting the child’s motor function and cognitive development, resulting from oxygen deprivation during birth
  • Erb’s palsy or Klumpke’s palsy — Nerve damage or paralysis of the baby’s hand or whole arm, resulting from excess force that tears the nucleus of nerves in the shoulder

These cases often can be traced to improper delivery technique by the delivering physician (OB-GYN), failure to anticipate complications of a vaginal birth, failure to perform a timely C-section delivery, or failure to recognize and appreciate fetal distress prior to birth. We work with medical specialists who can examine the complete record of prenatal care, labor, and delivery to determine if the doctors or obstetric nurses deviated from the standard of care or neglected their duty.

Other Birth Injury Claims

We can also evaluate claims involving stillbirth or premature death of an infant, jaundice or other post-delivery complications, major genetic abnormalities not diagnosed, or life-threatening injuries to the mother during pregnancy or childbirth.

Although tragic, an adverse outcome is not always malpractice. However, if your intuition tells you that the medical professionals made errors, or if you are not satisfied with the explanation provided by health care providers or hospital officials, contact The Gucciardo Law Firm. You can speak with an attorney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The initial consultation and case evaluation are provided at no charge.

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