Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents


Most people do not ride motorcycles and do not appreciate motorcycles on the road. When an accident happens, the finger tends to be pointed at the motorcyclist for causing his or her own accident. He was speeding. He was weaving through traffic. He was hot-dogging. This will be the narrative of the defense, even when none of this is true. The defense exploits these prejudices, even if unsupported by the evidence, including witness accounts.

Often what bystanders see or hear is the last-ditch efforts of a motorcyclist to avoid a collision. Motorcycles typically cannot stop as fast as other motor vehicles, nor can they maneuver as quickly. The operator may have to turn sharply or accelerate away from harm in response to the careless actions of another driver. That is where The Gucciardo Law Firm’s experience comes in — to conduct a thorough investigation and tell the full story. Our attorneys will make sure that all of the pertinent facts are weighed by an insurance adjuster or by a jury at trial.

Establishing Liability Of The Driver Of The Offending Car Or Truck

We prepare every personal injury case for trial. This preparation becomes especially important in motorcycle cases because of the assumption that the victim was somehow at fault. Trial lawyer Charles Gucciardo is an avid rider himself. From countless legal cases and personal experience, he knows that many drivers just do not see or appreciate motorcycles.

We excel at proving alternative theories — the real causes of many motorcycle accidents:

  • A car’s unexpected left-hand turn
  • A driver changing lanes abruptly
  • A car pulling out of a side street
  • Tailgating or aggressive driving by the auto driver
  • A motorcycle rider forced off the road or into another lane
  • A motorist distracted by a cellphone, texting or a passenger
  • Speeding, U-turn or other traffic violation by the car driver

“Imagine someone who has never ridden a motorcycle trying to explain to a jury what was going on in the mind of a rider just before his or her unfortunate event. Simply stated, they will not be able to fully appreciate your lack of options at that important time of decision. I can and I will. Since I also ride, I understand the problems and subtleties of riding.” ∼ Charles Gucciardo

Spring riding is especially dangerous for many reasons. In the first place, there are more potholes evident from seven winter months. More importantly, riding is a “skill.” As such, all riders need to use more caution at the beginning of the season so they can come up to speed. Most New York motorcyclists do not ride much in the winter.

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We receive calls nearly every week from motorcycle riders and passengers injured in traffic accidents. At The Gucciardo Law Firm you will be appropriately received and not turned away. We will listen because we know what happens when bikes and cars share the same roads. We will welcome you and work hard to secure the maximum award that you deserve.

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